"Orlagh has treated my arthritic back for years. I honestly don't know how I would manage without her! She has taught me about pain management, rehabilitation and maintenance and I am pretty much pain free these days. I highly recommend Sampson Physiotherapy"

Martina McDonnell.

"I attended physio for Piriformis Syndrome, which was very successful. I found the overall experience very satisfactory and would definitely recommend the service to others (or myself in the future!) The service was 100% what I would expect."


"I would strongly recommend Orlagh Sampson to anyone with back problems; which is a good percentage of the population. I was a chronic back sufferer, I had ware and tear on the lower vertebra of my spine and a bone pushing on a nerve which causes pain down my right leg. I was on medication permanently and used to receive steroid injections into my spine on a regular basis.  My back problems had a major impact on my life, I remember going to a concert one time but had to leave because I could not sit comfortably. After a number of sessions with Orlagh I am now pain free and off all medication, it has done wonders for my life. If your back is causing you grief, give Orlagh a call."

John O’Shea MSc., MBA, BSc., BA

"I've just finished going to Sampson Physio for six months (every 2 weeks initially, later every 4 weeks). I arrived lower back pain with a protruding disk, knee troubles and a declining confidence in running etc.She diagnosed the issues and gave me a set of exercsies that gradually grew in difficulty with my ability to do them. Because of Orlagh's measured approach and professionalism I now have stronger knees (and legs!), lower back and core strength then I haev had in perhaps 10 years.There are still some underlying weaknesses to do with the protruding disk and knee joint wear but importantly those areas are now well supported by muscles, tendons etc. so that the weakness matters less. My body works better and I feel great. Thanks Orlagh!"

Joseph Little.

"Want to say a massive thanks to orlagh, not only has she been a great physio to me over many years. Orlagh helped me greatly last week with my fear and anxiety over flying with acupuncture. This ladies talents are endless, so thank you very much for all your help."

Linda Travers

"Orlagh, thank you so much for what you have done for me. The therapy we do, changed my life. It means the world to me that I can walk again. I will be forever grateful."

Karolina Siedlke

"Been going to Orlagh for a few years and she has always been such an excellent help and helped me get over each injury. Such a kind physiotherapist who really knows her stuff. Couldn't recommend her more!"

Jules Herbie

"I have attended Orlagh for some years and think she is an excellent Physio. Her manner is so friendly and kind. I always found her treatment helpful and tailored specifically for my needs. I would happily recommend Orlagh to anyone in need of Physio and will attend her practice in the futrue, as I require on-going treatment."

Sarah Louise Mangan

"Orlagh is lovely to deal with and knows her stuff. Would definitely recommend to others. I got great pain relief, walked away a different person"

Jenny Pender.